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Eagre Games Releases “Zed”

Chuck Carter, a Maine-based video game developer, released his new immersive video game, Zed, in June 2019. 

Carter, an experienced Maine-based game developer and illustrator has worked on numerous illustration projects with National Geographic, BBC, and Wired, among many others. Chuck then delved into the world of video game development in the late 1980s and early 1990s while working on the mega-popular 1993 PC game, Myst, with the creators of the video game company Cyan in Spokane, Washington. After moving to Maine in 2012, Chuck decided to branch out to create his own video game company, Eagre Games. While Chuck has always been inspired by the ability of illustrations and art to tell a micro-story, he saw video game illustration as an opportunity to tell a more extended story and convey an important message. He did just that with Zed — following an artist suffering from dementia, players in Zed aim to guide the artist through puzzles to unlock his memories. Although development for the game began about four years ago, a kickstarter created in 2016 largely helped to fund the project.

Eagre Games is housed in the Union River Center for Innovation, an Ellsworth-based incubator program for Maine start-up companies. The Union River Center for Innovation was founded in 2015, aiming to foster growth for Maine small businesses and start-up companies. Owned by the Ellsworth Business Development Corporation, the Center provides both co-working spaces and abundant resources essential to business development, including business coaching, mentorship, and facility infrastructure services. By encouraging growth among these Eastern Maine companies, the Union River Center for Innovation therefore helps to foster the growth and development of Ellsworth and its surrounding Eastern Maine areas.

Eagre Games is a tenant of the Center, utilizing its abundant business development resources. Chuck appreciates that the Center is a proactive environment centered on growth, development, and community; as well as the opportunity to partner with state and local entities to grow his business. A particularly important aspect of video game development is using a fast Internet connection — something that Union River can offer its tenants to support their goals. Additionally, business support services available at the Center have led Eagre Games to grow. 

As Zed’s launch date approached, the Center was instrumental in ensuring a smooth launch and rallied community support and marketing services to gain an audience for the game. The Center promoted the game among state and local entities, as well as hosting a launch party complete with virtual reality (VR) headsets to truly experience the game. During the launch party, guests could experience the game in both 2D on a PC and on a VR headset, giving them a first look at the game and building brand awareness of Eagre Games. 

Emphasizing that the City of Ellsworth has been welcoming and supportive of new and innovative ideas, especially in the technology field, Chuck is happy to conduct his business in a supportive community of highly-skilled professionals.

Chuck’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple: “Don’t give up.” Coupled with a supportive environment excited to watch his business grow and his talent and perseverance, Zed is available on multiple VR and PC platforms. For more information, visit the Eagre Games website.