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Current Companies

Gel Hydration Technologies

Gel Hydration Technologies Inc. (GHT) provides customized hydration solutions for animals to improve performance and quality of life. Their product is a ready-to-manufacture FDA-approved edible and palatable gel designed for hydrating research rodents. The company is also developing innovative downstream products targeting other species/markets. GHT will deploy its adaptable platform to address specific hydration needs for research rodents, followed by canines which include working, service, military and companion dogs. The GHT founders have extensive experience working in the research animal sector and have developed a working partnership with The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), the industry gold standard in rodent husbandry and distribution.

To learn more about Gel Hydration Technologies, please visit their website at:

The logo for Gel Hydration Technologies
The logo for Gel Hydration Technologies

Treadwell Corporation

Treadwell Corporation is an affiliate company of the Union River Center for Innovation, taking part in the incubator program in a remote setting. Founded in 2005 by Richard Hand, PT, Treadwell Corporation first aimed to create and produce a product to combat Sedentary Death Syndrome. The result was a treadling product that allows the patient to tread their feet while sitting to increase blood flow without raising their pulse or blood pressure. Initial commercialization of the product appeared in 2009; the same year Gerald Collins, MBA joined the team. Since then, a patent for the product was granted in 2011, and a study regarding Peripheral Artery Disease funded by the National Institute of Health commenced in 2018. Though the company was originally formed on the idea of selling a product, it has transformed into a system concept over the years. 

Jerry Collins of Treadwell
Jerry Collins of Treadwell Corporation demonstrates their patented system.

Treadwell Corporation is a member of Union River Center for Innovation’s affiliate company program, where they are able to take part in the Center’s resources via a remote setting. Since joining URCI’s program, Treadwell Corporation has been grateful to utilize the Center’s abundant resources, including a working space, availability of conference space, and the ample interaction with other entrepreneurs at the Center. Additionally, the Center was able to connect Treadwell Industries with the Foster Center for Innovation at the University of Maine, as well as assisting in pursuing support from the Maine Technology Institute. 

Treadwell Corporation is planning for a busy year ahead, with multiple business and research goals on their horizon. To gain a more broad understanding of the needs of their target market, the company would like to survey nursing home administrators to learn what their largest areas of need are. To further their business operations, Treadwell also plans to conduct additional device prototyping, update their existing website, and expand their protocol library. In the coming year, Treadwell Corporation also hopes to submit phase II of their STTR grant application, which should occur following receipt of successful results of the study’s first phase, which is currently analyzing the benefits associated with the Treadwell System for Peripheral Artery Disease patients. Also on the company’s agenda for 2020 is the resubmission of the first phase of their SBIR grant application analyzing the benefits of their patented system for Falls/Gait patients.  2020 also brings the potential for new funding and grant opportunities, like the potential to study the benefits of utilizing the Treadwell System for stroke patients. 

To learn more about Treadwell Corporation, please visit their website at

Aper Funis Research

Founded in 2023, AFR is developing plant-based compounds to treat age-related inflammatory diseases for the companion animal market. Inflammatory response plays a major part in many diseases. By modulating the critical biochemical pathways that are associated with progression, their aim is to improve quality of life and longevity to pets afflicted with stroke, canine cognitive disorder, and rheumatoid arthritis. Beta tests with its lead canine supplement product has resulted in overwhelming positive reviews.