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GenoTyping Center of America Continues Growth and Expansion While in the Union River Center for Innovation

The GenoTyping Center of America (GTCA) was formed in 2012 by three former Jackson Laboratory professionals, each bringing with them over 10 years of experience in the life sciences and genetic testing fields. GTCA provides fast, efficient, and cost-effective genetic testing for the life sciences field, striving to provide researchers with the accurate, high-quality genotyping services they need to make advancements in their field. 

In 2015, GTCA moved their operations into the Union River Center for Innovation in Ellsworth, Maine to join the Center’s business incubator program, which provides support and resources for startup companies in Maine. Through use of the facility amenities like the community lab and office space, as well as through the business connections available through the center, GTCA has been able to grow their business during their time in the incubator program. In particular, the opportunity to connect with local business experts for business coaching about how to enhance their company’s accounting, marketing, and leadership tactics, as well as identify potential areas of growth and improvement, has helped GTCA grow their business while participating in the incubator program.

Being able to focus on making improvements to their business operations while still having access to the many resources provided through the incubator program has allowed the company’s leaders to implement new services to better serve their customers and employees alike. Since joining the incubator, GTCA has seen measurable growth and results for all stakeholders, and has even been able to expand their business operations and benefit offerings for their nine employees. Beginning June 1, 2020, GTCA was able to begin offering medical insurance benefits to all employees, including medical, dental, and vision coverage. 

While expanding their understanding of the needs of their target market, the business became aware of potential new services that may benefit their customers. Because of this, GTCA has expanded their existing market and broadened the amount of service offerings available to industry members within the current market landscape through the implementation of a new service. The service, launched in January 2020, aims to help vivariums manage their colonies.

Citing a need to provide their strategic customers with the crucial knowledge they require to accurately assess their colony and genotyping needs, the GenoTyping Center of America also began to offer educational materials for their customers, including live online trainings, recorded webinars, and more. These educational resources will allow current and potential customers to understand the process behind the GTCA’s testing services and determine the best fit for their specific business’s genotyping needs. 

Lastly, GTCA has been able to use their resources to create a customized online portal for their largest customer. This portal allows the customer to access reporting and resources specifically tailored to their business, genotyping, and animal colony needs, while also showcasing the ability of GTCA to go above and beyond for their customers’ satisfaction. GTCA plans to expand the capabilities of the online portal to make it available to all customers in the future.

While GTCA will soon graduate from the Union River Center for Innovation’s incubator program, GenoTyping Center of America has been able to utilize the resources at the Center to cultivate business growth and expansion, remain networked with local experts, and stay heavily involved in their customers’ unique genotyping needs. After their time in URCI’s business incubator program, GTCA will only continue to grow and benefit from the skills and connections they have built during their time at the Union River Center for Innovation.

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