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Community Lab

For emerging bioscience entrepreneurs and companies, we offer a community laboratory space outfitted with the essential tools necessary to perform research and development. The laboratory houses a state of the art imaging system and modern equipment to meet the demands of today’s scientific procedures.


The Bio-Science community lab is outfitted with a state-of-the art imaging system and standard wet-lab equipment to support your laboratory needs, including:

  1. Olympus BX43 upright, fluorescence imaging microscope with DP74 camera system
  2. Rodent anesthesia, surgical and dissecting suite
  3. Rodent electrocardiogram system
  4. Sutter Instrument needle and filament puller
  5. Mic real-time qPCR system
  6. Eppendorf 5424R refrigerator microcentrifuge
  7. Ample Scientific F-33D centrifuge 
  8. Autoclaves
  9. Dissecting microscope
  10. Fridges/freezers, including a -800 C freezer
  11. Quincy Lab Model 10-140 incubator
  12. Ice maker
  13. Vortexes, picofuges
  14. Histology staining station
  15. Pipettemen
  16. Various glassware

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