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Genotyping Center of America

The Genotyping Center of America (GTCA) aims to serve the research community with genetic testing services to support fast and efficient scientific discovery and technical quality. Founded in 2012, the GenoTyping Center of America (GTCA) provides highly-reliable genetic identification and DNA analysis to support biomedical researchers worldwide. With assay design expertise, sample processing, and cross-validated testing that delivers definitive results in 48-72 hours, GTCA is a revolutionary service for Maine and beyond. 

Led by Michael Greene, CEO, Kat Taylor, Director of Business Development, and Todd Dehm, COO, the founders have a combined 50 years of experience in the biomedical industry. Their experience includes fostering strategic relationships, leading and scaling high-throughput labs, and identifying and developing commercialization opportunities. 

Since joining the Union River Center for Innovation, GTCA has seen measurable growth in their organization. Using both the Center’s dedicated lab space, and GTCA’s own lab space in Waterville, ME, they have been able to make advancements in their field, including developing their business and growing their clientele. 

In addition to an accessible community lab space in the Center and a high-speed Internet connection, GTCA has also utilized the Center’s connections to business experts and leaders to help grow their business. URCI provided GTCA with both support from the City of Ellsworth, creating connections with area business leaders who understand ownership. Additionally, GTCA enjoys the benefit of a leased space in the Center among other entrepreneurs, creating a sense of comradery and community among the companies in the Center. Lastly, GTCA is also thankful for the opportunity to meet with local business coaches who understand the challenges Maine small businesses face in certain areas of business, which have helped GTCA to fill their skill gaps and grow the company with experts. 

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