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  1. Working with Difficult People DREAM Webinar

    Difficult people who “don’t play well with others” are an inevitable part of life.

    Whether you are a supervisor, project manager, experienced manager, leader, or an individual contributor; you’re likely to encounter people who can be difficult to work with along the way. Common examples include someone who is “prickly,” aggressive, a poor team player, or micromanaging.

    Working with difficult people is hard; but it can also help you grow both as a person and as a professional. If you would like to . . .

    • Build your self-confidence and a toolbox of skills that will help you;
    • Increase your assertiveness and learn about choosing how best to respond; and
    • Learn more about how to set and maintain appropriate boundaries with people who always seem to be “pushing” and knocking you off balance…

    Join us for this free webinar presented by WardGreen Group and hosted by the Union River Center for Innovation on May 19th at 11:00am! Seats are limited – reserve your spot today at:

  2. Thriving in Uncertain Times – DREAM Series Webinar

    Recent research indicates that many people continue to experience burnout at work as well as increased anxiety. Despite the uncertainty, there are skills, personal qualities and doable action steps that each of us can take to do more than just “get by” in these challenging times. Join us virtually November 18th at 11:00am for an interactive workshop presented by the WardGreen Group focused on practical ideas and action steps your business can put in place immediately to begin thriving in uncertain times. Let’s do what we can to move ourselves forward! From 12 – 12:30pm, we will be available for questions, discussion, and coaching related to this workshop’s content. 


    Register today at:

  3. Planning Now for Life & Work Post-COVID (DREAM Series Webinar)

    Integrating What’s Been Lost and Learned

    Finally, there is a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel! No, we are not “there” yet. Still, positive change is coming. Now is the time for planning and re-imagining life and work post-COVID. 

    Join us at 11am on April 22nd for an interactive workshop focused on integrating what’s been learned and leave with ideas for developing a plan for living and working happily and productively post-COVID.

    “Show up” ready to think and talk together about the post-COVID changes you want to create in your life and work. Change is coming – let’s get ready. Register today to receive an emailed Zoom link!

  4. Business as Unusual: Lessons Learned on Leading and Working Remotely

    Do you ever wonder why some businesses and people are holding their own during the Coronavirus pandemic while others are struggling to survive?

    Don’t miss this online webinar presented by WardGreen Group and hosted by the Union River Center for Innovation, where you’ll learn:

    – What could strengthening your leadership skills do for your organization?

    – How can you set yourself up for success with less stress and strain as you navigate the world of working remotely?

    Join us at 11 a.m. on Thursday, October 22nd for a Zoom presentation focused on lessons learned on leading and working remotely. Learn about skills and qualities that strong, courageous leaders and effective remote workers are putting to good use. Leave with a practical set of ideas you can immediately use and build into your everyday routines of work and life.

    Reserve your spot today:

    *Please note: this is an online event with no physical location.*