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  1. Legal Issues for Startups (DREAM Series Webinar)

    Learn more about the common legal issues faced by startups and small businesses in this free webinar presented by Eaton Peabody on Thursday, March 31st from 11:00am to 12:30pm.

    Topics covered will include determining the proper legal structure, protecting the company’s IP, attracting and retaining talent, startup financing options (debt v. equity), and the dynamics of working with investors, advisors, and legal counsel.

    This DREAM Series Webinar is hosted by the Union River Center for Innovation.

    Seats are limited – reserve your spot today at

  2. Don’t Tread on IP (Free Webinar)

    Learn how to protect and defend your business’s intellectual property (IP) with this free webinar!

    Often, businesses receive “cease and desist” letters, or letters threatening litigation, where another party claims that the business is using a name that the other party feels infringe upon their name, assumed name, or trademark. They may also receive letters alleging that they have either appropriated the other party’s intellectual property (IP) or that a new employee is either using proprietary information/intellectual property of a former employer or is in violation of an agreement (such as non-compete or non-solicitation agreement) with the former employer.

    Join us on Thursday, Dec. 10th at 11am for this free webinar presented by Rudman Winchell Counselors at Law and hosted by the Union River Center for Innovation, where you’ll learn the answers to your company’s most pressing IP questions, like:

    • What should you do when these claims arise?
    • What is the process if the business itself wants to pursue these claims itself?
    • How can you protect your intellectual property?

    Reserve your spot today!

    *Please note: this is an online event with no physical location.*