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Eagre Games

Eagre Games, founded in 2015, is a video game development and design company founded by Chuck Carter. Eagre Games was formed with the intent to release a variety of non-violent and entertaining video games to a well-rounded audience. Eagre Games focuses on creating a sense of adventure, along with entertainment, in their games — often bringing the player on an exciting journey while telling an engaging story as well. Chuck brings with him many years of experience in illustration and video game design, with video game titles including Myst, and illustrations featured in BBC and National Geographic, among others. Eagre Games’s latest release, Zed, debuted in June 2019 to PC and VR audiences. 

Eagre Games joined the Union River Center of Innovation in Ellsworth, Maine to grow their business and connect with area business resources. Enjoying the sense of community, while still having the freedom to run his own business, Chuck appreciates the abundance of resources offered by the Center. Claiming that the Center is a proactive environment entirely focused on its companies’ growth, Chuck is especially grateful for the Center’s support while launching Zed, including marketing services and gathering community support. Eagre Games also names Union River’s lightning-fast Internet connection as an important asset, as it is essential to their projects to have a fast and reliable connection. 

Learn more about Eagre Games and their upcoming projects on their website: .